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AKRHI Newsletter April 2024 Issue #3

🎇Gala Night: The Sparkle of Connection and Celebration

There's something magical about a gala night. It's not just about dressing up in your finest attire; it’s an opportunity to mingle with minds that inspire and networks that empower.

As the lights dim and the sounds play, each conversation offers a window into new collaborations and experiences. This year, our gala is thrilled to host a lineup of speakers whose lives narrate tales of dedication, innovation, and impact.

Frank Baylis

Mr. Frank Baylis, an established Canadian business entrepreneur and a respected former Member of Parliament. Known for his foundational role in the Parliamentary Black Caucus and his leadership in combating Islamophobia, Frank has consistently worked to unite diverse Canadian voices.

In 2017, he led a pan-Canadian effort to combat Islamophobia, including a Parliamentary electronic petition which, at the time, recorded the largest number of signatories in Canadian history.

His company, Baylis Medical, stands as a testament to his commitment, repeatedly recognized as one of Canada’s "Best Managed Companies."

MP Chandra Arya

MP Chandra Arya, the voice of Nepean in the House of Commons since 2015, is a beacon of transformative political leadership. With a rich background in technology and economics, coupled with his relentless advocacy for affordable housing and retirement security, Chandra embodies the spirit of service. His past commitments extend through his significant roles across various boards and organizations:

  • Board member of Invest Ottawa - the economic development agency of the City of Ottawa.

  • Board member of Unity Non-Profit Housing Corporation Ottawa.

  • Vice President of Ottawa Community Immigrants Services Organization.

  • Chair of Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber.

  • Founder-Director of the Federation of Canadian Brazilian Businesses.

Mr. Arya is a tireless advocate for his community. Despite his packed schedule, he remains profoundly committed to his constituents, actively participating in events, defending their rights, and standing by them in challenging times.

Shadi Aghaei

Shadi Aghaei serves as the Vice President of Times Group Corporation, an award-winning land development company based in the Greater Toronto Area. She joined Times Group in 2012 after a distinguished 12-year career with the federal government in Ottawa.

During her tenure, Shadi honed her expertise in government affairs, managing large-scale projects and organizations, and implementing process reengineering to enhance efficiency and cost savings. Notably, before transitioning from her government role, she was co-director of North America's largest energy services acquisition project, a $3.5 billion Public Private Partnership, which underscored her capability in handling significant, high-stakes initiatives.

Dr.Fahima Osman 

Dr. Fahima Osman's story is a testament to resilience and ambition. Recognized as Bayview Person of the Year by Post City Magazine in Toronto and featured by Dove Canada, her story is one of profound determination and achievement. From her beginnings as a young refugee, she defied enormous odds to become one of the first Canadian-trained medical doctors within Toronto’s Somali community. Specializing in oncoplastic breast surgery, Dr. Osman not only enhances her patients' lives but also dedicates time annually to volunteer her expertise in East Africa.

Additionally, she has recently spearheaded the development of the MyJourney app in collaboration with developers, patients and North York General Hospital. This innovative digital platform simplifies the breast cancer journey for patients by guiding them through every stage—from diagnosis to post-treatment—right from their smartphones or tablets, ensuring support is just a touch away.

Her path is marked by significant milestones and profound challenges. Achieving the right to put the long-dreamed-of letters 'MD' before her name, Dr. Osman has overcome barriers that once seemed insurmountable. Her parents had no formal education, her father nearly drowned fleeing poverty, and a high-school guidance counsellor once cautioned her against setting her sights on medical school. Yet, she persevered, driven by a relentless pursuit of her dream.

Our speakers are more than just leaders; they are catalysts for change. Each brings a unique perspective, shaped by diverse experiences and a shared commitment to impacting lives. The event will also feature special guest appearances and provide opportunities for attendees to engage with numerous organizations and companies present.

Join us to further discover their stories, engage with their journeys, and perhaps, leave with a little more than you came with. An idea, an inspiration, a friend, a contact, a potential career, a mentor or simply someone complimenting your elegant outfit - you’re dressed to impress after all.

Location: Arcadian Court & Loft 401 Bay St, Simpson Tower, 6:00 to 10:30 pm

🏔️The Everest Effect: Inspiration from the Highest Peak and a Sneak Peak to a New Adventure

Ever wondered what it takes to set out for the foot of the highest peak in the world? Dive into our exclusive short video and relive Yasmine and Jasmine's journey in 2022 to a Mount Everest Base Camp—epitomizing commitment, dedication, and bravery.

With each draining step from the low oxygen at high altitudes, they captured breathtaking (and no pun intended here!) views atop the snowy peaks, all to make a monumental difference in the lives of our women and girls. And yes, they definitely had their "Hoyo (mother in Somali) I made it🙌 " moment!

Why share this video, you might ask? Get ready for a thrilling announcement at our Gala: a new and exciting fundraising adventure awaits—a life enriching experience you can join and a badge of accomplishment you can add with confidence to your portfolio.

🤝On the Ground Updates – Keeping Our Promise

We're committed to keeping you informed with on-the-ground updates, showcasing how your contributions are making a real impact.

Check out the photos below to see the newly purchased sewing machines for our vocational training program. Thanks to YOU, our current cohort has much to look forward to!

🎁The Gift of smiles

A genuine smile—the universal language of kindness—is a beautiful curve that sets everything straight and a pleasant gift to the recipient.

Through your contributions, that is the gift you give that allows us to brighten the days, dim the sorrows and lighten the hearts of our students despite the calamities they face.

Let's join hands to craft more smiles and see kindness flourish. Your support comes back a hundredfold, such is the beautiful economy of giving.

Donations are accepted via Canadahelps using the link below or e-transfer at [email protected].

Onwards and upwards,


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