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AKRHI Newsletter March 2024 Issue #2

🎓Graduation: A Bittersweet Symphony of New Beginning

Graduation isn't just an end; it's the dawn of new horizons. March 2024 marked a monumental milestone for 50 inspiring women, weaving mothers and daughters into the tapestry of graduates. Their stories are not just of success but of transformation.

Take Faaduma, for instance, a senior member of her community who blossomed through learning with the following powerful statement:

“Akhri has changed many aspects of my life. We were individuals without eyes and now Akhri has opened our eyes. We learned how to calculate, helping us support our businesses, and have a richer understanding of our language. Our sense of accomplishment echoes that of university graduates!

From humble villagers to empowered learners, Akhri has been a beacon of hope. For instance, I have a cell a phone and did not how to use it, whether to dial a phone number or to send money. At my old age, I would chase after people to help me, and if I tried myself, I often added extra digits by mistake. Now, it’s truly liberating to rely on myself.”

Let’s take a moment to explore the core of this message and uncover an intriguing fact. Somali history and culture, rich in poetry, use proverbs and analogies to bring language to life, painting everyday expressions with the vibrant colors of wisdom and insight.  

Faaduma's analogy of sight and learning captures the essence of their journey, illuminating the vast landscape of opportunities now within their grasp.

And then, there’s the magic of confidence! Oh what a beautiful feeling it is to be self-sufficient. Faaduma's story culminates in a powerful testament to confidence. The simple joys of calling loved ones or making purchases by herself, once out of reach, are now hers to claim.

Faaduma's moving testimonial is just one of many. Discover the full mosaic of impactful stories from our graduates on our Facebook page, each one as profound as the next.

📙Scholarship – The Nimo Ahmed Scholarship

We're thrilled to launch the Nimo Ahmed Scholarship, a pillar of opportunity for students embarking on their post-secondary journey.

The  “Nimo Ahmed“ scholarship was created to honor the memory of the late Nimo Ahmed, who was a dedicated principal of L’École Élementaire publique Gabrielle Roy and an essential member of Akhri’s board of directors.

Her impact on the Ottawa community remained deeply engraved in our memories. Her tireless dedication and positive influence continues to inspire those who had the privilege of knowing her. We wish to honor her memory and express our gratitude for all she contributed to our community. Her legacy will endure through our memories and eternal recognition.

Are you driven to make a change, or do you know a future leader among us? The Nimo Ahmed Scholarship awaits those with a passion for community service and leadership. Consider whether this is your path or perhaps one to share with an aspiring changemaker.

Apply today, or pass on the chance to ignite a journey of significant influence!

🏛️Campus meets community, creating classrooms without borders – Partnership with UOttawa

We are excited to inform you that the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) and AKHRI are in the final stages of formalizing a partnership, marking a significant step towards integrating academic pursuits with community engagement.

The initiative enables uOttawa students to engage directly with community projects, providing them with invaluable practical experience that complements their academic studies. Through working alongside AKHRI’s dynamic team, students will gain insight into the operations of international programs and the functioning of non-profit organizations.

The partnership encompasses a range of disciplines, offering exposure to:

  1. Marketing strategies and initiatives

  2. Financial management and accounting principles

  3. Program management

  4. Communications, outreach, and engagement

  5. Proposal drafting and development

📨Stay tuned for further details on this thrilling development, aimed to enhance the career trajectories of students and contribute positively to our communities!

🌌Mark Your Calendars: AKHRI's "EquipHer" Gala Night!🌌

It’s official! On Saturday May 11, 2024, AKHRI - Mothers and Daughters is hosting its annual fundraising gala at the prestigious Arcadian Court in Downtown Toronto.

The theme for this year is ‘‘EquipHer: Determination, Opportunity, Success’’ Join us to make a difference for girls’ education and for a night of :

  • Elegance: An exquisite gala dinner in support of girls' education and women's empowerment.

  • Inspiration: Hear empowering stories and achievements from women who have overcome obstacles through education.

  • Entertainment: Enjoy live music, captivating speakers, and networking activities.

We also invite you to explore our sponsorship packages – Platinum, Gold, Silver, each offering a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to contribute to our noble cause.

Details on sponsorship opportunities can be found at the following link.

Your support has been instrumental in making a positive impact and your involvement will play a crucial role in furthering our mission and creating lasting change in the lives of women in Africa.

🌟Empower a Future: Every Donation Sparks Change

"Give a girl an education, plant the seed of a nation's growth." This profound saying captures the essence of what your support can achieve.

Your contribution, no matter its size, ignites a chain of possibilities and self-reliance. Faaduma's story is a testament to this transformation, showcasing how education can elevate individuals and, by extension, their communities.

Invest in this journey of transformation. Each contribution, regardless of size, is a powerful stride toward nurturing resilient, self-reliant communities.

Your generosity doesn't just create impact; it crafts legacies of knowledge, strength, and growth.

Ready to make a difference? Donations are accepted via Canadahelps using the link below or e-transfer at [email protected].

Don’t forget to claim it on your taxes in the upcoming year! We will gladly provide a tax receipt upon request to help you leverage your charitable giving.

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